Restaurants: Hosts, Servers & More

Where do I begin? While my memory of this is still pretty fresh, I’d like to get some things off my chest. And let me just say, for the sake of argument, this is from my personal experience. Everywhere else I’m sure is different but at the same time has its’ similarities. Let’s go into the restaurant business, the place of where I work but will not say what business for legal purposes. Not that the place of where I work is important, rather it’s the people, as is anywhere else. 5 months. That’s how long I’ve worked in this establishment. And on a few occasions, I wanted to quit due to the people. But I stuck around because I knew I needed the money and I had to keep the roof over my head and my stomach well fed. With that being said, let’s get right to it!

Life of A Host

Here at my job, I have only so many responsibilities; greet the guests, seat them, bust and wipe tables, and a few other things. That’s pretty much it. Which makes sense why host positions only make so much money. They don’t have to deal with guests like the servers do, which I will give them the benefit of a doubt of having to deal with all sorts of people. Some people will do whatever they can just to get a free meal, while others will kindly make your life easier and tip you very well. Pretty much one of those two or anything in-between. Now, depending on where you work, you could either be just a host, bust person, or both. In my situation I do both. But to clarify my position the best is that when I bust tables, I have to take care of almost anything that isn’t plates and bowls. Pretty much I have to take care of trash like napkins and wrappers, then cups and silverware. Either way, the job is easy, but it’s the repetitiveness of the job that takes a toll on you. This is where the position of a server makes or breaks you (and it depends on the person). They will do their job well, or not at all. With some servers, I find myself doing their jobs more often than I should. When they see that I’m picking up after them, some, not all, are going to take advantage of the situation. They will expect you to do that part of their job all the time because they know they can get away with it. Less work on their part, right?! I get it. I’m just a host. But that’s not the point I’m trying to make at all. We’re all human-beings, or I’d like to think we are. Taking advantage of someone was never how I was raised, and I would be ashamed of myself if I knew I did that to others. I’d like to say I see everyone as equals. No one should be above anybody else (in a perfect world).

So, on this particular day, I had worked a day I don’t typically work, and several of my colleagues (servers) did exactly just that. Left the plates and bowls piled up at their section. Even after I would ignore cleaning up their tables for some time, nothing was picked up. Eventually I caved in. I took care of their plates, their bowls, and cleaned the table and got them sat with more guests, like nothing ever happened to them. I was aggravated! I was ready to walk out of my job, but I knew in the back of my mind that I needed this job, despite how little I was getting paid. Actually, the pay wasn’t terrible considering I would get a tip-out. It was more my position than anything else. I could be wrong, but it seems like most people don’t respect the host position, like all they do is greet and seat guests from any other perspective. We do have conversations with the guests as well and on top of that, other responsibilities too! One thing I know about being a host is that if you don’t do your job correctly, we, as hosts, have the power to get servers more seats or not. So, don’t f**k with us! Otherwise, I won’t hesitate to skip your turn when rotation is up. We’re here to do our jobs just like anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, there are some colleagues of mine that I enjoy working with. We all do our part and life goes on. “Out of sight, out of mind.” That reference hits me in another way. If you do your job to the best of your abilities, a lot of people won’t think twice about what you do. Clean tables and chairs well enough, no one will know how dirty it may have been before you sat there. Like water under the bridge.


Where don’t you see this? From colleagues to superiors, it’s all the same. The title doesn’t matter, it always comes down to specifics, and that’s every person as an individual. Unfortunately, I’m dealing with a manager that is this way. I’m sure many of you can relate when I say this, but when I’m having a “conversation” with someone, and they tend to go on a rant about their life or anything that’s brought up by them, once you mention something that correlates with the topic that they say, they will immediately cut you off before you can barely get a few words out. Everything always has to be about them. Nothing you say matters to their eyes and ears. The way I see it, they seem to need it more than I do. Basically, what I’m trying to say is if when I’m trying to tell a story or say something that relates to what they’re going through, and they aren’t having it, on multiple occasions and I pick up on that, I’m done! I don’t care anymore about what they tell me because from past experiences, all these types of people tend to care about is themselves. (I will go more into details about this in the next post) And just so we’re all in an understanding, I’m getting my information based off real life experiences. People that I deal with on almost a daily basis. Whether they pretend to care or just walk away once they’re done getting what they need to get off their chest.

This leads me to my next subject. I know my time working in a restaurant establishment is very short, but that doesn’t mean the way I see things means my mind doesn’t take things in quickly. In layman’s term, it doesn’t take me long to figure out about how people are with one another and in the work environment. I see past the bulls**t because there are, or should I say were, people in my life that were the same way. Those that pretend to care about me when I’m most certain talk about me behind my back because I tend to be very honest and calling them out on their b.s. I find my life not to be that interesting, but things still happen. To these types of people, they will find a way to change the story to make it sound like something you would see in a movie. Always over the top (at least with most action movies).

What Have We Learned?

Life will go on. No matter how much it affects us. People will be… well, people. You never know what to expect except that you should expect the possibilities that anything is possible. It’s quite a mouthful, I know. But the truth is gossip never sleeps but you do. And when you’re sleeping, you’re dreaming. Dreaming of wherever inception takes you. Whatever the situation, you’re chasing your dreams. Going after what matters and making the most of your life. Don’t ever let anybody steer you down the wrong path, because it’s just obstacles in the way of your success.

Whatever is in stored for me and my future, I just know that I will make the most with what I have to work with. Through the good times and bad, it’s memories I’m capturing and using as fuel for the fire that burns within me… or just another great story to tell. And if you still haven’t learned anything from this post, learn this; people will be people. Pay close attention to who your real friends are, because they are the ones that will be there for you during the hardest times and will be there to celebrate with you during the best of times. Ooh-Rah!

First Blog/Lao New Year


Where does my story begin? That’s hard to say, considering there were many events in my life that were memorable. Having to pick just one is difficult to start with. But the least I could do is tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 33 years old and just recently celebrated Lao New Year with my family. For Thanksgiving I was in charge of making the turkey of which I burnt… just once. And there was another time I undercooked it… I’m getting better. Practice makes progress.

There was one time I had a shoe thrown at my head, going to a wedding dressed exactly like the waiters. Now I am one as of today. Sort of. Had an amazing trip to Florida with one of my previous employers to be a part of a thing they called Team Rally. I was a stripper for a night, escaped from a party we started and I farted in front of a girl I had just met. These are to name a few of many stories I’ll be sharing in detail, in the near future.

Lao New Year

Let’s start with one of my most recent memory. I went to my mom’s to celebrate the Pi Mai. We had the Sou Khaan(a blessing in having a happy and healthy life) which is where someone is saying good prayers for you while tying a white string around your wrist(s). The Lao Buddhist tradition has it where you typically have both hands together sitting flat, then you bow down to honor the one that prays for you. Or so I believe. I haven’t been paying as much attention to my ancestors religion the older I got. You do however have to sit in almost any other position than crossed legged or Indian style, which can get very uncomfortable after a long period of time. Normally during a Thuk Baht ceremony(people offering food for the monks for blessing them).

We then had ourselves some pho. Afterwards, I helped my brother-in-law move a mattress and dresser to his and my sister’s place. I spent some time with one of my nieces and one of my other sisters was later going to grill some chicken and fajitas, which told me only one thing… that I was staying longer. While waiting for the food, I got to spend some quality time with my sister’s boyfriend before heading home for the night. The conversations we had felt real. I had a great time talking to Derrick. We shared stories, had some laughs. I even told him and my sister about my fart story… Overall, it was exactly how Ice Cube explained it, “Today was a good day.” I got to spend some time with my family, bonded with my sister’s boyfriend and eat some really good food. As simple as it was, it was memorable.

The Takeaway

That night I learned a part of what it’s like to be a parent. Derrick has a kid with my sister. And that made me think of my friends with their kids, and understanding from their perspective what it’s like not having as much free time as they used to. Not seeing it from their point of view. I never understood until this night why it was so difficult hanging out. So the very few times we are able to get together for events and whatnot, I just want to make the most of it. Just cherish the moments with the people you surround yourself with. I hope you enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed writing it. Until the next one.

Kawb Jai