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The Problem Being a Perfectionist

Nothing ever gets done. Well, eventually things will get done. Even when it comes to writing my next post. No matter what the topic is (for the most part), there’s a lot of research involved. It really can be time consuming. And because of that I’m back to doing what I normally do, which is…

Gossip Never Sleeps

Ah, yes. The classic saying, “Gossip never sleeps.” But why is that? Why talk about somebody behind their back in such a manner that people would see you as a bad person? The problem with that is there’s a good chance these people are the agreeable type. So, just about anything you say they will…

Life After Graduation

“Congratulations class of…”… and there it is. That moment you’ve been waiting for. You and your graduating class celebrating together one last time. Not knowing if you’re actually going to see each other again. When you think about it, it’s pretty wild… but unfortunately sad. The next question to ask yourself is… what now? Reflecting…

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