Why Rolling Your Eyes Are Bad For You

Is your vision messed up? Do you need or are you the type to wear glasses because of your eyesight? Well, good news, everyone! According to my theory, you can fix your vision, or at least stop it from getting worse as you get older. The answer is simple, just stop rolling your eyes… bear with me, I know it’s much more difficult than it seems. Especially if you have a condition. To those who do, I don’t blame you in any way.


Remember, this is just a theory I have, but from my experiences with people I have been surrounded by throughout my time, I’ve noticed things. And also, this is a great way to tell if you’re the type of person that actually pays attention to others by looking them in the eyes. Or eye, considering you can’t physically look at both eyes at the same time. Which causes some people to “wiggle” their eyes back and forth when they are having a conversation with someone, and they aren’t sure which eye to look at. Me, sometimes I actually look between the eyes, so I don’t have to focus so much on one or both. Anyway, I suppose you don’t have to look someone in the eyes to pay attention. But it at least lets them know that they are your main focus and nothing else. So, other than when you sleep and apparently your eyes do roll back to your brain so it can give your mind a visual of what your dreams look like (don’t mind this, just another dumb theory I have), when you’re awake and you do roll your eyes, there’s a chance you’re hurting them. Which causes your vision to blur more and more as you get older unless you cold turkey that shit. What’s happening is your eyes, while you’re awake, is just meant to give you visual of your surroundings. The beauty of what this planet has to offer and what people have made of it, even though some are bad, but the many goods that you see, you don’t want to miss out on that. It’s not considered normal to roll your eyes the way that you do. And there are multiple ways of it as well. I’ve seen some people almost what appears to be pulsating (or vibrating in a way) their eyes when they may have become irritated or by something else. I’ve actually tried it, and it hurts! I don’t recommend it.


To me, it’s a little more than what genetics or something that’s within your DNA. But unfortunately, it might have something to do with those who raise you. As a baby, a child growing up, the people that raise you are the same people you look up to. So, what does that mean exactly? Well, there’s a chance it means you have a higher tendency to copy or mimic their movements. Before you even realize it, if they roll their eyes from something someone else has said, you, as a child, sees it. And if it just so happens to be more than a fair amount, you’ll find yourself doing it too. Or maybe the people that you surround yourself with growing up. Sometimes we do mimic others without realizing that we are, and it’s not to make fun, but who knows, maybe we like or respect them enough to pull off the same tendencies they do. With that, we can’t really help it. Just like if I’m hanging out with a friend who has an accent long enough, I’ll tend to start using their accent without noticing it.


Only you can change these habits about yourself. I’ve talked to several people about this and every so many years they have to change their prescription to adjust to their eyes and visuals. And like I’ve mentioned before, unless you have a condition, you don’t really have much of a choice. But, if by being aware of the situation you can change this about yourself and start noticing your sight has not worsen, then you’re welcome! Of course, there are moments in our lives that make us want to roll our eyes. Just remember there are alternatives to that. All you needed was the wherewithal about this part of your life and literally, your eyes can see what a wonderful night sky has to offer us, the landscape of mountains or whatever within your living area and so on. Then again, there’s always glasses. Not saying that everyone looks bad in them, but if you aren’t the type that likes to wear glasses or contacts, but would rather be free of it all, give this a shot. I really do hope this helps you. I have no say about this for myself considering I have never needed to wear glasses unless I’m just doing it for looks. But I’m very happy with how my sight has been for me…

And if somehow this message causes me to go blind, then I better have Daredevil-like skills/features where all my other senses enhance. Otherwise, tell my family I love them cuz I’ll probably be an absolute trainwreck if I were blind.

I Got Covid-19

It’s late October, on a brisk evening and I’m at home putting on a suit that I pieced together for a very affordable price. Nothing expensive or fancy, just clean and simple. Fossil watch is on, couple sprays of Davidoff Coolwater, and I’m out the door with some gifts in hand. Today was the day a good friend of mine I made from work was getting married. The drive took longer than I expected, but I was able to catch the bride to be (Paige), walking down the aisle with her father just moments after arriving. Her presence was glowing as it should be as they head into this beautiful barn. I then make my way in after standing near the barn door like I was an usher (which I have been before in another wedding). One vows and ceremony later, there they were, husband and wife. Followed by one of the most memorable father-daughter dances I’ve witness in the history of weddings, we celebrate the marriage of Paige and Tucker with the reception in good fashion.

The weekend has now passed and I’m back at work. Not a whole lot has changed except for one minor thing, I started getting a cough. It would come up only every so often but wasn’t like a normal cough I would have. However, we were required to wear masks at work and were receiving temperature checks when we arrived. With no signs of a fever, I just continued with work but with the thought in my head, “Let’s just see what happens.” A day or two goes by and that cough was still present and yet no fever. A colleague of mine mentioned that he smelled something burning in the room which my senses could not pick up. At that point I got worried, so I talked to my boss thinking I may have contracted Covid. During this time everyone believed that if you didn’t have a fever, it probably wasn’t Covid. Despite the fact I had several other symptoms like my chest feeling a bit tight as well. I decided at that point I would just go to urgent care just to make sure. And about 24 hours later, positive.

So now I’m at home quarantining myself for the next week and a half. At this point my symptoms were moderate coughing, tight chest with a slight difficulty breathing, loss of smell and taste, and I was having cold sweat at night. This would go on for the next few days and for the most part, I had trouble eating anything. By the time I would recover from Covid, I had lost about 10 lbs. With that and the lasagna I had that got me sick from earlier in the year, I probably shredded 25 lbs. and most of that was muscle mass. I wouldn’t gain some of that weight back until later in 2021. While I was quarantining though, there were some positives that came out of it. Now, I’ve mentioned this in one of my past posts that I wasn’t that close with my family, but it was a nice change of pace talking to my mom on the phone for a little bit every other day. It just shows me that she will always care for her children no matter the circumstances. And I know we’re not that type of family to express our feelings, but just know, mom, that I love and care for you and everyone else as well.

During my time off from work there was only so much I could do. So, I just made the most of what energy I had given to me during this duration. And with Covid still an uncertainty and no vaccine yet, I didn’t want to take any chances with cold medicine and anything else. Just let the body fight this off like any other cold naturally. For the most part I mainly relaxed, went on a little nostalgic movie binge from the 90s and early 00s, and played some Madden and The Sims 4. And for the first time ever, I watched The Masters being played in November and without any patrons. That and not having a Thanksgiving Day tradition with my family put things into perspective. This really was and is a part of our history now as an entire world. Having to slow down a bit, come together, and just looking at this as just another obstacle in life. The affects I had to deal with was that my sense of taste and smell changed from having this coronavirus. It was for the better. Since then, I’ve been eating better and now on my way to regaining what I lost from 2020… my muscle mass!