The Problem with SOCIETY… from My Point-of-View

When we have issues with each other, what do we typically do? We talk about it. It’s that simple… but it’s not. Our emotions, how we feel inside, we’re too afraid to tell anybody. Unless for the most part it’s your shrink. And of course, when we’re in our vehicles. Everyone is probably at their most expressive being in their car. Yelling at other drivers for something that half the time is really their fault and not the other person. But face to face interactions, that’s a whole different story.

The majority of the world are strangers to you. So, the question is, do you really want to perceive yourself as more of a hostile person? Why not be caring or shine some light to those who need it, stranger or not. Take your neighbors as a great example. I’m sure most of us don’t even talk to all or a lot of them. If they do something that irritates or bothers you enough, is it so difficult to just go over, knock on their door, and hopefully politely let them know? Because chances are they are unaware of what’s going on around them.

Why My Neighbors Might Think I’m Crazy

I live alone in an apartment. That means I share a hallway and walls with my neighbors. I always wonder too many times if I’m being too loud. I’d hate to be that neighbor everyone has to deal with. Is my TV on too loud? Do the walls constrict sound pretty well? Or can everyone hear it when I talk to myself all the time? I know I sound crazy, but I talk to myself to practice my speech. I interact with people almost every day, mostly customers and other employees. It’s a method that I use so I’m not constantly inside my own head and stressing about anything and everything.

Another big issue I feel my neighbors might have with me is that about once a week I would go out for a smoke. Weed that is (I know I said I stopped but this time feels different). I would end up spraying some cologne on myself and take a quick drive to air it out before coming back home. The problem is that the scent from the weed more than likely is still on me, and I would leave a trail of the smell walking in thru the hall. If that’s so, my neighbors know it’s from me, leading them being angry. Like a lot. I think one of my neighbors might be trying to drill through the concrete wall in hopes that it’ll collapse on me. Also, that is me being paranoid. Which is why I really have to stop smoking, so I don’t have these thoughts in my head anymore. I have heard some of my neighbors saying something (but couldn’t quite make out specifics) and it hurts me because no one had the nerves to just come knock on my door to tell me to my face.


It’s easy for people to get along. But just as easy for them to languish. Why something so simple as just telling someone what’s bothering them is like the biggest risk anyone has to take. I love watching movies and television shows. And what I learn from them is that whenever there’s a conflict or tension, the characters find the time to talk it out with each other. In my world, it’s almost the complete opposite. We think just because something is only a movie or TV show that there’s no takeaway from it. But that’s not true at all. Take a lesson in your life from this, know that they are trying to tell us something. We can hear just fine. But we don’t listen. All I’m trying to say is talk to each other. But have manors and be polite. There’s no need to take something this small and turn it into everything it’s not. Like The Beatles said… “Come Together.” Because we need it now more than ever.

Human Connection

It’s missing! Well, maybe not entirely. But it does feel like we’re losing it. Other than your colleagues, close friends you made growing up, or your family (which all may seem like a lot but), we don’t really put ourselves out there anymore. It’s the reason why some movie theaters shut down, places like Blockbuster closing, and the slowly dying mall with what used to have an arcade. All because we can do it within the palm of our hands. Buying clothes and accessories, or streaming movies and shows, it’s causing us to lose that human connection with the rest of society. So, how do we fix it? That may not be the right question to ask. Maybe some people prefer it that way. And for others, if they wonder what they could do to connect with the rest of the world, try going out. Instead of ordering your groceries and just pulling up to the parking spot, you could get out of your vehicle and do the shopping yourself. Also, instead of buying clothes online… there’s the mall! Want to meet like-minded people who also likes to workout at the gym? You could get a membership and maybe not have to workout alone at home. And who knows, maybe you might meet a potential mate. Or your next I Love You, Man friend you can call Brohemian Rhapsody. Just whatever floats your boat, I’ll motor it!

If we were to take it a step further; so you’re doing a little grocery shopping, head to a checkout lane with a cashier. You have an opportunity to make a conversation, other than when you’re only there to buy alcohol. If nobody you know wants to go see a movie you like, and if you haven’t already done so, go by yourself. It could be really soothing. You’re not at home on the couch like normal, you get that movie theater experience with the sounds and big screen. And as long as you have shares in AMC, you can get free popcorn or something (this last information may not be correct). Then there’s being at the gym. This one is a little trickier for me. Trying to strike up a conversation with people who are there to work on their bodies for a healthier lifestyle may be very difficult. I always feel uncertain if I would be bothering them. Then I’ll have hindsight kicking in telling me there was a chance. Like when I would bump into this young woman near the abs & stretching area, and again on the other side of the gym at the water fountain. She told me, “I swear I’m not trying to follow you.” As far as I know, she may have gone out of her way in hopes that a conversation happens, or maybe it was nothing. And what did you think my response was? I just chuckled a bit and gave her the, “no worries, you’re fine.” and walked straight into the locker room like the idiot I was. The bad ass thing to say would have been, “Well I was kind of counting on it.” Which was definitely something I thought about saying if I ever found myself in a similar situation… so far nothing. That which led me to going about my day like it was any other day. And that’s a taste of my human connection. Maybe it’s time to start exploring and possibly see what amazing adventures is yet to come in your journey. So, what are you waiting for?