Guardian Angel

I can’t speak for everyone when it comes to the spirit and soul having a connection with a higher power. But I’ve seen my fair share of YouTube videos where people were put into a life and death situation and last second being protected from leaving this world. It’s not just life and death that these angels are here watching over us for, but with the obstacles and difficulties we find ourselves in. If life were too easy to manage, then we wouldn’t learn any real lessons. Take me for example. My life has been very difficult and a lot of situations I’ve been in were a trainwreck, in which I’ve learned a lot of lessons from. I have asked to those watching over me to take it easy a bit. As in if this life was like a video game, to turn the difficulty settings down a notch or two. I’m not ready to play on All-Madden yet or Survival mode in Fallout 4 where when you get shot, your health continues to deplete until your inevitable death. And that’s how life is here on Earth. After so many thousands of years the human race has existed on this planet, we’re all still hating on each other because of the color of our skin and living together on this beautiful planet that we’re destroying.

Rick & Morty was right. Remember that episode where the world of snakes was at war with each other over race? I know it’s just an animated television show but there’s some truth to that. It’s terrible. To this day, we’re still dealing with that. I was door dashing the other week and went to pick up a food order from this bar, and while I was waiting for the order to be ready, this older gentle… I don’t even think I can call him a gentleman considering how he wouldn’t stop staring at me (and not in a good way). Just a straight up angry b*tch face. That made me feel out of place and uncomfortable. I wasn’t harming anybody. Just doing my job and trying to make a living. Anyway, I just felt like I had to get some of these things off my chest. All I know is, I’m not giving up on this planet. There’s still so much fascinating sites and scenery to see in this world that I would love to visit… and I’m sure many of you would too!

Retro Gaming

My Origin

Let’s go back to the 90s! For me, this is where the debut of the Nintendo and Gameboy started. I can’t remember which one I played first, but I do remember my oldest brother buying a Nintendo from our neighbor at a garage sale… and that’s when Contra was first introduced in my life. The classic side-scroller shooting game that opened up my imagination to playing with sticks that looked like guns. Also, Tetris was another classic I enjoyed before the world of Pok√©mon took over a good chunk of my childhood. From Gameboy to collecting cards, it was huge. And the nice little comeback it made with Go! that got people to go outside, go for a walk and get a little exercise.

When the SNES and the N64 came out, one of my favorite games to play was Mario Kart. I had a passion for cars and racing. Sometimes when I’m not playing games I would be playing with my toy cars. Just a kid with a big imagination. I had this rug or mat with a town in it that I got lost in for hours. Having these Hot Wheels car wash stations and all sorts of things you could get to build your collection. When Need For Speed: Underground 2 came out, that’s when my love and passion for cars felt complete. On top of The Fast and The Furious and me getting my first car. To have an open-world concept like that was mind blowing. And if that wasn’t enough there was the sexy Brooke Burke voice acting in the game.

Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64
Graphics of NFS: Underground 2 on PS2

Blast From The Past

As I got older I started opening up to a lot more different types of games. Final Fantasy VIII was the only game from the franchise I played but I loved it. Unfortunately I never beat the game. Only got as far as disc 3. One of my old neighbor Jerry, was a big influence in my life. I don’t think I would have ever heard of Metal Gear Solid or Dragon Ball Z if not for him. He introduced me to the world of Anime and so much more. Here’s to ya! Alongside Jerry, some of my closest friends to this day, we were brought together by video games and other things I’m sure. Madden was a big hit with NBA2K right there with it. But the biggest game to us at the time was Socom II. That game got us in trouble a lot. I would have my friends over often on the weekends. One of the things we would do is play basketball on the driveway, order pizza and we would play Socom online late into the night. Having difficulties keeping quiet, we would get yelled at either by my oldest sister or parents. It definitely was fun while it lasted though.

The classic 3rd person view from Socom II

A lot has changed when it comes to gaming. Quality to say the least. But something that I enjoy about video games more recently is the story. There’s just so many to name and maybe in future posts I’ll talk about those games. Of course, I would like to actually finish the game first. Which is something I’ve noticed about myself. I played a handful of games without beating the main story. Almost as if I’m not ready to finish it because I just don’t want it to end. Like the side quests itself might not have much meaning after the fact. I’ll be sure to make it a goal of mine to do so… sooner, rather than later.