The Problem with Inflation & Cost of Living

Just about everything comes at a price. No matter what it tends to be. It could be buying a coffee, food at a restaurant, or even playing your favorite sport. The cost of all of these and so much more continue to rise. So, what’s the reason behind it? Will it ever stop, let alone slow down? Come with me (as Neil deGrasse Tyson would say) and we’ll go on this exploration with my theory.

As the population around the world continues to increase, that means more mouths to feed (no, I’m not trying to sound like Thanos and wipe out half of civilization to fix this). But it’s not just that, it’s everything that goes with it; clothes, housing and all of its’ components, and pretty much everything to keep everyone entertained. And what do all of these elements create…? Supply and demand.

Because of the rise in population, the demand for products is growing exponentially. Businesses have to comply to these in order to stay running. If you can’t meet expectations to where the world has evolved to, there’s a good chance you may go out of business. Hence the term, “survival of the fittest.”

I hate to say this, but demand has felt higher than ever. Since covid, it appears that people are making up for the loss of loved ones. Prices of eggs are insanely high. It made me have to stop buying them for a long while. Either I have to have a little farm for myself or switch over to being a vegan. Since I’m somewhat broke and don’t have my own land, I chose the latter.

Anyway, I’ve lost my point (as always), but I digress. Leading me to my next point. Can we do something about it? I believe we can. It’s going to take some work, but if we all do even a small part, it will make all the difference. At my school growing up, they taught us a valuable lesson in the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Something tells me that as an entire civilization that we consume way too much. For example, if something is used up a little bit, it gets thrown out instead of looking to see if it can be refurbished. I know this isn’t one of the 3 R’s, but it still has the “reee” in it. But what I mean is can this item, this product still be used just fine if we put a little TLC to it? And by that of course; tender, love & care. If you don’t treat your personal items like this, then I don’t want no scrubs. (I… am an idiot, I know)

Again, as I was saying, the biggest thing about recycling is that if we don’t do it, we are literally destroying the planet. There’s an actual garbage island from what I saw on Family Guy. I know, it’s a cartoon show but that doesn’t mean they don’t have valid points in them. I believe we keep forgetting that every resource on this beautiful planet is limited. But we have to do better. Otherwise, it’s like we failed, and I would hate to see that. In a way, I see myself to be like Captain Planet.

Let’s do our part and make these changes now. Even if you’re just one person, anything helps. But deep down, we’re all one (whatever that means… use your imagination).

Are Natural Disasters Man Made?

What’s the most important resource on this planet? Water… (that I know of) I read on a post that Vegas is recycling their water. They found a way to reuse it. Which is great for this planet. And then also something about swimming pools shouldn’t be made in residential households (don’t quote me on that). My point is, it’s a small step in the right direction. We just need to implement this for the rest of the world. Finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Something that I learned way back when back in school.

The problem is that we are wasting so many resources than we are recycling. Meaning demand continues to rise leading to more drilling and digging into the planet’s crust. When we don’t reuse materials that can be reusable, or recycle for that matter, we’re doing more to damage Earth with our needs and wants for us. We don’t think about mother nature and how she feels. Resources within this planet is finite. But how we choose to use these resources can make it feel as if they were infinite.

That being said, by drilling deeper into Earth’s crust, we may be causing these so-called natural disasters. The reason why earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes/tsunami etc. exist. And same goes for volcanic eruptions as well (possibly). I will say though, without the drilling for fuel, I would not be able to drive my car and get to work and travel. Along with that, the beauty of materials we have here are great. I would not have a roof over my head without it.

But the future is here, and we are transitioning to electric vehicles and solar powered energy which I love. Which is also still a work in progress considering we’re in the earlier stages. Maybe this is the time when we have to endure the pain and suffering from natural disasters. And that is now a part of our history. Possibly in the next decade or so, we can be more efficient with our resources. Whatever it all is, let’s do our part!

Mother Earth Is Dying

[Deep breath] … I’m gonna say it! We need to make the world a better place. And I’m not talking about World Peace either (although, that would be pretty nice). We may not be able to recycle everything, but it’s a start. Outside from those that are working to revolutionize the world with future technology, let’s take a step back from electronic devices (mainly our smartphones) and start caring for others. But most importantly, care for yourself. You have to remember that if you want to support your loved ones, it starts with you. Take the time for yourself to make you better. That’s what really matters. Because if you’re not in the right state-of-mind, you’re probably not going to be able to help those around you. Once you are, believe me, you won’t ever have to feel like you’re alone ever again. The world is only so big, and we are limited with resources. Everyone has to do their part, whatever that may be. Pricing on food is rising and I’m sure that’s not the only thing as well. I will admit to wasting food a little more often than I would like. Until there’s an invention of taking waste and reducing it into energy or other resources (that’s not polluting the environment), maybe we could plan a little more.

I know this isn’t a post that I would typically write, but it was just a thought I wanted to get off my chest. And if you’re wondering, the answer is yes, I got this title from Dave Franco in 21 Jump Street. And remember, just because something is a Comedy, doesn’t mean it’s not true. We just have to listen.