My Prom Night

Over a decade ago, it was my senior year and graduation was around the corner. But first, it’s time to get jiggy with it! Just days before prom (or weeks, I’m not really sure anymore at this point) I had gotten fitted for my suit. All white with pin stripes with a chain and top hat. That’s right, I went all out with the tuxedo get-up. So much so, when we went out to have dinner other customers at the restaurant thought I was getting married. The venue for our prom was pretty nice. At a location not at the high school gymnasium as movies typically show. Unless of course we were just really fortunate. And in that case, I’m really grateful for what was given to us. Nobody that I know of spiked the punch bowl, so it was a sober night for us.

For the longest time to this day, there was this girl that I had art class with whom I would share stories and feelings with. We were pretty close for the two semesters we had together. This is where the clueless person in me kicked in and if my hindsight of the situation is true, she had a thing for me. We got to know one another quite well for the short amount of time we were in class. I remember talking about another girl I had a crush on to her one too many times not thinking about how she felt. The reason for bringing this up was when I was slow dancing with another girl at prom, I noticed her just several feet away staring at me with this look. You know, the look you give someone like “this could have been us, but you effed that up.” And in return, I gave her that look of how I disappointed her and what potentially could have been. That look where “oh sh*t. I screwed this up big, didn’t I?” Of course, considering how long ago that was, we all move on. And unlike in movies and TV shows, it’s not like I would randomly bump into her down the road to explain to her the situation or express my feelings for her. I messed up. She was into me, and I missed my moment. I have to bite the bullet on this one. The show has to go on. And again, another opportunity missed.

As prom night was wrapping up, there was nothing like hitting up Denny’s to end the night with everyone we went with. Well, most everyone. For me, there was no afterparty to go to. No cottage at Stifler’s moms to get that one last chance to lose ones’ virginity. It was just a late-night meal and back home for a “I didn’t get any” wank. Overall, prom was good. Made some memories with friends but considering how long ago this was, I don’t quite remember all the details. Here’s to prom and hoping to anyone else out there to make decisions you won’t feel like you’ll regret. Salut!

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