NPC In Real Life

Do you never think to yourself about the job you have where you do the same thing every day? Like knowing when you go into work you don’t really expect anything too different to happen. It is just a job after all. You gotta do what you gotta do to put money in your bank account and bread on the table. Whether you’re making a living, or just enough to survive. There’s that same repetitive motion you do with specific responsibilities. Now, unless you don’t play video games, NPC means “Non-Playable Character”. Take Free Guy for example. If you’ve ever seen the movie, (spoiler alert) you’ll know the characters go through the same routine over and over. It’s basically going into the lives of video game characters and what they experience on a daily basis. But obviously, for the most part we don’t deal with the crazy situations they do. One of my jobs I work at I talk to customers all the time. I almost always say the same thing to each and every one of them. But I do restrain myself from asking how their day is or what they have planned if they’re not so talkative or are on the phone with someone, etc. Yesterday I actually said to a few customers the line blue shirt guy said, “Don’t have a good day. Have a great day!” At work, I’m a lively NPC character, but outside of work… I rock the sunglasses. Which makes me, a hero! (Minus the crazy action sequences) But one of my favorite quotes from the movie would have to be from what Buddy said, “Even if I’m not real. This moment is, right here right now. This moment is real…” That hit me differently. Because from what everyone may say about whether this life we’re all living is real, a simulation, or whatever Science Fiction scenario you want to come up with, we just have to live our lives to the best of our abilities… and believe that humanity will thrive, together!

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