Sexual Completion: The Guide To Success

Imagine yourself at a job where the role that you play requires doing many tasks and you have many responsibilities. Fortunately for you, you’re able to handle the position you’re in. And you crush it. You do your job very well, and hopefully get the recognition you deserve. Now fast forward to you being at home and you have these projects that you’re working on. Most of these projects you have been working on for weeks, and even months. But that also comes with you dragging a** by being lazy and unmotivated. Work seems to be a little different when it’s on your time and not with your employer. Because you not getting paid for it makes that much of a difference. And that’s exactly how I am…

When it comes to finishing the job, that I won’t fail. At least for certain things in my life. If I can put that much passion and effort towards the task at hand, there’s a lot I could achieve in life. There are so many distractions in our everyday lives, and what I would consider obstacles. One problem after another and it just continues to pile up. I start thinking that maybe this time it’s too much to bear. Or maybe… that won’t stop me from getting a solid wank on. I dedicated a lot of time finding the right video to masturbate to. It’s only right I finish what I started. You think I’m going to let a thing like people arguing, barking dogs, or hearing one of my neighbors having sex stop me from completion? Okay, maybe that last one may have gotten me in the mood instead. Seriously though. If I devote my time towards any of my passions, I could be a complete man. Nothing holding me back from achieving my goals and dreams… and all it started with, was a wank. Because it’s a sure thing! 😉 Not get yourself motivated and stop procrastibating!

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