Xanga 2.0?

Is it just me or is blogging pretty much Xanga? Think about it for a moment. You have the ability to create or choose your template to your liking. Changing font and styles, it’s quite interesting. And just like how it was when I had Xanga back in high school, my following… very minimal. But that’s okay! It doesn’t bother me (yet) too much for I’m just happy to write about… almost anything. In this situation, it’s my life experience and what imagination that was created in my mind to bring out the entertainment for anyone to see or read. Which leads me to the Disney Pixar’s Inside Out movie. Such an interesting take in the mind of your emotions. Although the movie did get a little dark, I really enjoyed watching it. I still find myself rewatching this movie from time to time again.

… And wasn’t Geocities the same way?!