Do The Neighbors Ever Wonder?

It’s not just about what you hear, but what do they hear from you…? Singing in the shower, can smell what The Ro— uh, I mean what you’re cooking, the movies you watch, and the music you listen to. And then there’s the “WHEN THIS HOUSE IS ROCKING…” do come knocking. 😉 For me, living in apartments has its’ good and bad features. No worrying about maintenance issues or a lawn to water and mow if that’s not your thing (… yet?). But then there’s neighbors. Not everyone is going to be the same. Some are louder than others. And if you have anyone that lives above you that has a bar stool, they definitely know how to make it screech just by minor adjustments. Or when drilling is allowed on the concrete walls. The vibration that gives off to a certain radius is fascinating, in a bad way. With all different types of neighbors, I do my best not to be the loud one. Sometimes you can’t help it though. Like if you’re playing music on shuffle and “Party In The USA” comes on, it’s hard not to sing and shake your hips to it. Either way, it’s your own place, whether you rent or own. Just live your fullest life you can. Because I’m sure hearing what is believed to be banging on the wall wasn’t intended for you. It’s probably people making the bed rock!

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