Nobody Likes Losing Their Hair

They’ve gone through some shit in their lives. People who are balding, or is. So if you know people that are, try to give them some slack. And if you are bald, try not to take life too seriously. Just remember, if it’s the job, just know that it’s only a job. I believe in you to strive for better, and more. You can make a difference in people’s lives, even if you’re only playing a small role. So why not make the most of it? And who knows, maybe you’ll even make some new friends in this journey of your life.

P.S. I’ve got receding hairline and tried using the hims product. I will say it works a little bit. Just takes time and also can leave your scalp with a burning sensation. I only used a 1-year subscription though and might need to be longer for better results. But 1 year isn’t too bad. I did notice a difference, slightly. The decision for me to make now is deciding if where I’m at is good enough or to continue using their product a little longer. (This seems to have come out as a review… cool!)

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