Whether we’re talking coffee beans, food beans, or women beans… (Oh boy here we go, “get it together David!”) it needs to be taken care of with love, passion, and tenderness. I work at a coffee shop and every time I use the rest room, there it is! A picture frame of a coffee bean. My mind goes to one place, and then my tongue to another. Hahaha no, not like that. I wouldn’t actually lick the artwork. It’s my mind that goes there. It’s like a subliminal message. Just because it’s been a while doesn’t mean you have to rub it in my face Universe.

Any who, coffee beans and beans you eat, not eat out, are just as important. The time and patience you have to put in to make sure you have a good quality bean, whether it’s light, medium, or a dark roast matter. And if you’re making something like a white chicken chili matters too. I personally would throw all that in a crock pot, set it, and forget it! At least for 4-8 hours, depending on if your cooking temperature is on low or high.

No matter what the bean, take care of it. Because in the end, it’s there to satisfy your thirst or hunger. Whether it’s low calorie or not.

(I may have had a little too much whiskey… but also not enough. Happy 4th of JULY!!!)

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